Practical use of 3D printer

Finally, a practical use of my 3D printer Prusa I3.
Was sunday morning, when a drama happened on my kitchen.

My girl was warming a cup of milk, suddendly, the microwawe stopped to function.
A gloomy silence filled the kitchen. the girl looked at me desperately and a scream broke the sound barrier.

” it is broke”
followed by a series of misfortunes similar to the invasion of locusts ( how can I warm my breakfast, my soup, the boiled potatoes ) .
STOP, I will fix the microwave – was my only statement.
While she was looking which electronic store were open on Sunday, I spent about half hour to open the microwave box, (I hate the torx screws, not having the correct screwdriver 🙂 )
Once I opened the patient, I have discovered that all was OK ( or , I supposed that ), but …..
the knob…..was only the knob used for time programming…. the center hole was stripped and did not more maintain the position.


The patient


The hole stripped

The hole stripped



IDEA – I can replicate a similar knob with my 3D printer.
Immediately on my computer, launch Design Spark mechanical and draw the my simple knob version.
Very easy and quick design



Then, save the G code file on my Prusa , used a 100 % infill to have a strong and reliable knob.
About 40 minutes and ….dadadadada…. an ” economic” but functional knob was ready.



I will prepare a more complete version, just to avoid any claims from her


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